Friday, March 16, 2012

Dubai , Yachting , Sugar and Awakening

             Today I was reading about The Taste of Dubai event that will take place in weekend and will bring together prestigious celebrity chefs, premiumcc beverage brands, food exhibitors and lots of entertainment on the stage .
I am not going to make it , my job needs me for the weekend so its probably better considering that  Nobu Matsuhisa   will be there  offering the best sushi in the world , that will get me tempted to eat over the limit . Instead I will eat healthy and drink lots of water , I'm planning to go Saturday to join a group of people in yoga bikrum in Dubai as well. Lots of the good things are happening in Dubai and I do envy those people leaving in the middle of everything .  Cant wait to tell you all about it , will be my first class of this type of yoga .
Going back to nutrition facts …
Living  on a yacht it’s a challenge when it come to nutrition as I have to eat what the chef is cooking and I never know what are really all the ingredients his using . His kind and let me use his kitchen sometimes to cook whatever I want and those are the times when I play with the row vegan recipes and mix lots of veggies with nuts but specially some dry fruits with nuts for some healthy deserts . My biggest issue when it comes to the food they serve for us here is the white  sugar and the amount of salt used .
 If salt is accepted in my diet and I sometimes added in my food , then sugar is everywhere and my biggest enemy .One of  My biggest challenge name  :" stay away from white sugar “  .
Why is white sugar bad for me and bad for you too ..
Ohhh don’t even know what to start with  ..
-risk of cancer ,
-can lead to infertility
-causing any number of physical and emotional diseases
-contributes to candida, a yeast overgrowth in the body
-poison in  our body
-empty food( NO NUTRIENTS !!!)  ... AND this list can continue but do you need more ???
And you may be thinking that this is a little bit exaggerating knowing that sugar started as a whole plant . The sugar cane and beet plant in nature come complete with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phitochemicals  like any other plant. And they have carbohydrates like any other plant in the form of sucrose. When sugar is refined they strip the sugar cane plant or beet plant of all its natural components, except the sucrose. Then sucrose is concentrated into what we know as table sugar.
This means we take sucrose out of its natural balance found in plants…and that is an important part of understanding why it impacts our body so differently.
When sucrose is part of the whole food( fruits and other sweet veggies ) it acts like a food in your body, entering our system calmly, breaking down slowly and providing a range of nutrients in addition to energy.We all know and often say that sugar from the fruits its a good choice when we need to eat sweets .
SUGAR its toxic and its the poison it self . vff
Luckily we do have good alternatives , there is  a clear explained table of the best choices here :

End of the 1st post we have a wonderful entry by Shakti Gawain from the book Awakening and every End of Post will have one of the 365 them from the book as  I find this book inspirational and yes very much  ...

   Each morning as we awaken, we have the opportunity to begin our lives anew, with a fresh perspective gained from what we learned the day before and the refreshment from our night's rest.
      Each day,  and each year ,
      I am awakening to grater consciousness .

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