Saturday, March 24, 2012

My butt is BIG ...

I found this motivational  and in this post  I will tell you a few things about fitness and which are my favorite workouts and  my biggest frustration this area
Energy and persistence conquer all things -Benjamin Franklin
So we all know that to be fit we need to watch our diet and to be active .  I BELIEVE fitness is giving ua much more then a fit body ,,,we are growing in so many other aspects like  Body confidence, Great eating habits, Improved lifestyle , Lean Physique .  In fitness but  in general we need to have persistence. We may want to lose weight or build  muscles or be fitter then ever , we need patience and motivation. To commit to a program and  to stay focused on what you would like to achieve  , to put the hard work and the struggle with sweat and pain , that’s what will lead you to the results of all your dedication & consistency you put in trough all that time .
3 years ago I become a bodyrocker in one of the most friendly, healthy , cool community online . I was following Zuzana , the sexy,  fit 30 years old Fitness host with all the free home workouts she was posting for us and I just couldn’t stop going back every time  for more . About a year ago someone gave me some of the P90X workouts on a dvd  and so I love the interval training, the Yoga and the total body workout . Few moths ago Zuzana left and started to post new workouts on you tube ZWOW  that’s how you can find them . Now Lisa is the new host on and shes absolutely great , shes doing a fantastic work on keeping this community fit and motivated .  Those are the kind of workouts I am following 3-4 times per week , Im interchanging  between all three of them.  I'm loving it and they changed my life and my body …made my butt BIG J and that’s just fine ..
But what I really want from a year ago ,,,, is to wake up 45 min earlier then I normally do and run or do yoga or my normal bodyrock workouts . And I find this very difficult to do. Its one of other big challenges I have …Im doing bad with the sugar one as well  seance I had the most amazing desert yesterday evening ,,,, but anyway back to morning exercising , don’t know how to do it . Maybe if I would put my alarm really loud in the bathroom ? Maybe if I would find a mate who would call me and tell me “get up lazy cow and put your trainers on and go out rise and shine and RUNNNNNN “ ,maybe if I would go to sleep at 9:00 pm would help ??? 
Why is it so important for me to start the AM  exercising thing???
-          Exercising early in the morning "jump starts" your metabolism, keeping it elevated for hours, sometimes for up to 24 hours! As a result, you’ll be burning more calories all day long—just because you exercised in the morning.
-          Exercising in the morning energizes you for the day—not to mention that gratifying feeling of virtue you have knowing you’ve done something disciplined and good for you
-          Studies have shown that exercise significantly increases mental acuity—a benefit that lasts four to ten hours after your workout ends. Exercising in the a.m. means you get to harness that brainpower, instead of wasting it while you’re snoozing
-          Many people find that morning exercise has a tendency to regulate their appetite for the rest of the day. Not only do they eat less (since activity causes the release of endorphins, which in turn diminishes appetite), they also choose healthier portions of healthier foods.
So this is to me and all the others out there like me …JUST DO IT !!!!!

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